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Updated CELL COVID-19 Guidance on Face Coverings - Updated on 4/30 - Please Read

Published by Cape Admin
Apr 30, 2021
Cape Elizabeth Little League – Updated COVID-19 Guidance Updated 4/30/2021 As we had expected and communicated previously, COVID-related guidance has evolved since we created the original CELL protocols in early April. Maine CDC has published updated Community Sports guidance at https://www.maine.gov/decd/checklists/community-sports

Specifically, as it relates to masks, here is what the guidance states:

“Masks are not required for outdoor practices and competitions but are recommended when 6 feet of physical distance is hard to maintain (e.g. athletes on the bench).”

For CELL, our COVID protocols will be revised to match this. Face coverings will no longer be required by players, coaches, or umpires on the field. However, all participants should continue to bring and/or use a face covering when distancing is not an option. Finally, wearing a mask remains optional - participants who continue to want to wear a mask or face covering are completely welcome to do so.

The revised Community Sports guidelines also affirm that all participants should continue to conduct health screenings prior to participating in activities. And, continued physical distancing for participants and spectators is encouraged.

As we start the season, the situation will likely continue to evolve. It is also possible different sports and different settings (schools, travel programs, other towns’ little leagues) may have slightly different protocols.  Our goal continues to be to provide an outlet in Cape Elizabeth for kids to have fun in a safe and supportive environment, and to take as reasonable and common-sense approach to all of this as is possible.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments feel free to reach out to your coach, league director, or either of us.

Tom Reynolds CELL Safety Officer [email protected]

Kevin Justh CELL President [email protected]